Sunday, September 5, 2010

ps3 jailbreaker

Not so fast PS3 jailbreakers. Sony has succeeded, at least Down Under, in temporarily halting presales of a USB dongle that would allow PlayStation 3 owners to dump borrowed games onto the system's hard drive.
PS Jailbreak (Credit: Quantronics)
A federal court in Australia on Thursday ordered electronics retailers in the country to stop sales and distribution of the dongle called PS Jailbreak, which we told you about last week. Court documents indicate the injunction will remain in place until a hearing scheduled for Tuesday that could determine the permanent fate of the modchip in Australia, and have consequences for the device in other countries, as well.
Australian retailer Quantronics, one of three respondents named in court documents filed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, currently lists the $170 product as "no stock," but details on the PS3 modchip remain on the site


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